Intercultural Relations (Dott. Marneo Serenelli) del 17/02/2018

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-- Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Sociali DISES

The Dean of the Faculty has agreed on the fact that for Intercultural Relations, in case particular needs should arise, providing the exam in written form would be more appropriate than keeping the oral form.

Therefore in the the third appello (17/02/18) the exam  will take place in the written form. Like the oral exam, the written exam is composed of 5 parts; each part will be assessed and given a mark up to 6.

For  part 1 (presentation according to student’s choice) a printed document – PPT slides, mind/concept map, or so  -  could be attached to the paper, if wished. No use of other documents/material  is allowed during the exam.

Time allowance: 2 hours and a half for 5 parts – 2 hours for 4 parts. Students who attended lessons and made at least 50% of the given class/home work  are supposed to produce only 4 short essays (not 5). The examiner who is present in the classroom is holding a list with each student's position in this matter.

Short essays answering the given questions  are to be produced for each part of the exam; each essay should be of no more than 700 words.


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