Tuition fees

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Tuition fees at UNIVPM vary according to the Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator (ISEE) of students.

Tuition fees for the academic year 2019/2020 will be published later on. However, they are not expected to change substantially from the current academic year.

This year’s tuition fees range from € 450 for an ISEE below € 10.000 to € 1.500 for an ISEE above € 70.000

Tuition fees are to be paid in three instalments: the first is fixed and is paid at the moment of matriculation, the second and third respectively in December 2019 and in May 2020, both are calculated according to the student's ISEE.

Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator (ISEE)

ISEE is a composed index of:

  1. ISR – Income Situation Indicator (Indicatore situazione reddituale in Italian). ISR is given by:

    ° the income of all the members of the family;

    ° plus the imputed income of the family securities calculated applying to the value of the   securities the interest rate of ten-year Italian Treasury bonds;

    ° minus the value of the house rent (if the family house is rented).

  2. ISP - Wealth Situation Indicator (Indicatore della Situazione Patrimoniale in Italian). ISP is calculated as follows:

    ° the value of buildings and land owned by the family (excluding the family house);

    ° the value of the family securities;

The calculation is as follows:  ISEE = (ISR + 20%ISP)/VSE where VSE is an indicator of the composition of the family.

While in order to calculate the ISPE = ISP/ VSE

ISEE is calculated by the local Fiscal Assistance Centre (CAF, that means "Centro di Assistenza Fiscale" in Italian) on the basis of the documentation produced by the student.


Documentation for International students

International students must produce for the CAF the appropriate documentation, translated into Italian and certified by the Embassy/Consulate.

Values in local currency are then expressed in euro based on the last available average yearly exchange rate. 

 NB Please check with the Consulate nearest to you about the required specific documentation for your country.